Locally Curated Date Night Experience

Locally Curated Date Night Experience

An exciting, full date night experience delivered right to your door! 


We've put together an ideal date night for two using local products and businesses. It's everything you need to enjoy a romantic evening with a partner (or maybe that roommate you've become a little to close with since lockdown?)


This experience includes


The full menu for the evening is gluten free and vegetarian! We've had The Allium create a three course meal, then Vine Arts selected a bottle of wine to pair with it. So you know it's all going to be fantastic!



Subject to change - please let us know about any dietary restrictions!


Banchan: Chickpea fries, jalapeno toum, charred tomato chutney, micro greens


Entrée: Lion’s Mane mushroom fillet, beet BBQ sauce, sumac mashed potatoes, charred harissa brassicas, house sauerkraut, crispy root vegetables


Dessert: Apple Terrine, salted coconut caramel, oat crema, peruvian black micro mint


Some courses are served “Family Style” to share (because it’s fun & cuts down on the Allium's packaging, which is compostable!)


All food will be delivered at optimal serving temperature.


Order and Delivery Info

Orders must be placed before Wednesday at 6:00pm for Friday delivery of the same week, and Thursday at 6:00 pm for Saturday delivery of the same week. 


Orders that are placed after the cut off will be delivered the following week on the delivery date chosen. Orders can only be made for the week ahead.


Orders are delivered in order based on how many and where they are that day. We try to create the most efficient route through the city. Delivery of orders is done in the most efficient way possible to optimize freshness and reduce emissions, making deliveries between 4:30 and 6:30pm. Please provide us with delivery details in the space provided (ex. where to leave it, buzzer number, phone number to call upon arrival, leave it with a doorman etc).