Order local food and fun!

Stay home, get cozy, and enjoy goods from local small businesses. Know where your money is going: to local people! Your dollars make a difference, and with Panacea Exchange, you can use them to vote for ethical business practices and local change. 

When you order through our platform, you are supporting local small businesses. We have set up our business model to help uplift our suppliers, not take advantage of them. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy local offerings and have a great experience while doing so!


Panacea Exchange is always on the hunt for suppliers that are unique, share our values, and have great products we can bring right to your front door. We have curated  experiences to include the  best local meals and products, with an aim to foster community and celebrate our city.


Ordering Info

Orders must be placed before Wednesday at 6:00pm for Friday delivery of the same week, and Thursday at 6:00 pm for Saturday delivery of the same week. 


Orders that are placed after the cut off will be delivered the following week on the delivery date chosen. Orders can only be made for the week ahead.


Orders are delivered in order based on how many and where they are that day. We try to create the most efficient route through the city, making deliveries between 4:30 and 6:30pm. Please provide us with delivery details in the space provided (ex. where to leave it, buzzer number, phone number to call upon arrival, leave it with a doorman etc).

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