About Us

Panacea Exchange curates local experiences in Calgary, AB, and is looking to uplift and support small businesses of all shapes and sizes. We make it easy for you to enjoy local goods and foods, discover new products, and support our favourite small businesses along the way. 

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We want to get our customers the best meals and experiences right to their doorsteps, while supporting our local community! You want to put your dollars back in your community, and support your favourite local restaurants and businesses, and we want to facilitate that exchange for you!


As the novel coronavirus has uprooted many traditional small businesses, the current climate is looking for game-changers and forward thinkers. Panacea Exchange looks towards the future to see how best they can service their customers, and they want you to join them!


Fundamentally, Panacea Exchange is a curator of fun experiences, but more importantly, Panacea is looking to uplift and amplify the local community and economy.  We believe in supporting similar small businesses through collaboration, not competition. If this also sounds like you, email us today at

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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